Specialty Products


Soil run through the screener to sort out fine materials and break down in order to easily place in flower beds as well as fine grading situations.

screened topsoil

unscreened topsoil

Used as a backfill for parking lot islands as well as between sidewalk and curb.  Makes great fill for a yard or underlayment for any grass area.

A material widely used for foundations and paving to replace native expansive clay soils. This material has a much lower plasticity which greatly reduces the expansion and contraction under the foundation. This reduces or eliminates foundations cracking and can be used under paving as well as an alternative to lime stabilization. We can custom blend materials for your needs, please see your representative or call us for a quote. This material is regularly tested at our jobsite to make sure it falls within the limits stated.





general fill 

We have a variety of general fill options.  We will have some haul back materials, black dirt and heavy clay.  We can match the material to fit your needs.

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