We are able to meet the standards of Corpus Christi’s UBC for Waterline Sand.  This fine screened sand is what is demanded for bedding around waterline pipes. 

Ascreenedsand product that meets the specifications for Sanitary Sewer Pipe Bedding

Cushion Sand

Waterline Sand

Sanitary Sewer Sand

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$8.00/ton plus tax


Cement Stabilized sand

We have an onsite Pug Mill for making precision blended sand and concrete. We are able to make batches with different concrete and sand ratios. The plant is a new, well maintained plant featuring precision blends and reliable service. This product is used for pipeline bedding, road crossings, bedding for roads, placed around manholes, and fence lines.

Priced upon request

We have varieties of sand to meet your construction needs.  We continually test our sand to meet the specifications demanded by contractors, builders and governmental building codes.

An unscreened product used for bedding on storm sewer drain pipes, home foundations, sidewalk and paving sand.  This is an unscreened sand that still has some clay content with a 5 or less Plasticity Index.

$11.00/ton plus tax