What's more important than a deadline? Nothing.


As a contractor you have a lot of things to keep track of.  We can help take this worry off your hands.  We can handle your entire site material needs from bedding sands, cement stabilized sand, select fill, road base and even topsoil.

That is what you get atBenchmark MaterialsFrom the moment you enter our pit on a concrete road, to the scale, the pug mill, and the scale tickets, you will know you are at a place that does it right.  Our staff includes experienced operators, office personnel and management that understand your needs.



Location, location, location!

This line is often used in Real Estate, but it especially applies for us at Benchmark Materials.  With a central location in Corpus Christi, we are easily accessible for all jobs in town.  Being close to all major arteries leading to neighboring cities, we can quickly get to your jobsite as well.  This means less money and time spent hauling materials, and more jobs getting done faster.

one source for all your material needs

We will help you through the bid process by quoting you the correct material, helping you estimate quantities, getting you the best prices and doing it so you have enough time to put your bid together.
Once the job starts we  will follow up by phone or jobsite visit to be sure your materials are where they should be, when they should be and the proper material for you.  We will keep up with your lab results as well.



We provide materials for area homebuilders, road builders, and landscapers for a wide variety of projects. These can range anywhere from home foundations, subdivision development, and many more.


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